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BOBapp| 高中英语:10篇含中国元素的英语写作满分范文!

本文摘要:1 · 太极 · 如果你是李华,你的英国网友Forbes计划抽闲到中国学习太极(Tai Chi),他写信向你求助,请你凭据下列要点给对方写一封回信:1.先容学太极利益;2.卖力联系学习所在和老师。注意:1.词数100左右;2.可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。


1 · 太极 · 如果你是李华,你的英国网友Forbes计划抽闲到中国学习太极(Tai Chi),他写信向你求助,请你凭据下列要点给对方写一封回信:1.先容学太极利益;2.卖力联系学习所在和老师。注意:1.词数100左右;2.可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。

Dear Forbes,It is amazing for me to know that you show great preference for Tai Chi and are willing to learn it soon. I’ m quite sure that I can give you a hand gladly.Tai Chi is not only an ancient martial art, but has also been widely acknowledged as an effective health exercise. Famous for its graceful and well-balanced movements, Tai Chi provides the mental relaxation and physical fitness that are so essential in our modern stressful lives.Concerning your learning location and instructor, I’m so proud to tell you that I have the ability to recommend the best school and best trainer in our city to you, for actually my uncle is a master of Tai Chi who is always invited to instruct others all over the country. As a result, you can rely on me.Looking forward to your coming!Yours,Li Hua2 · 文明旅游 · 每年都有许多人外出旅游,一些人的不文明行为引起了社会的广泛关注。某英文报社正在举行以“文明旅游”为主题的讨论。假定你是李华,请你给报社写一封信,呼吁大家做文明游客。要点如下: 1.尊重习俗;2.不高声喧哗;3.其他。

注意:1.词数100左右; 2.可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯;3.开头和末端语已为你写好,不计入总词数。Dear Editor,I’ve read your discussion on how to behave properly while traveling. Every year, a great many holiday makers go out for sightseeing and relaxation. While they are enjoying themselves, some of them behave rudely, which causes a big concern. How to be a civilized tourist has become a heated topic.In my opinion, it is necessary to watch our manners. First, we must respect and follow local customs. Besides, we’d better not talk loudly in public places to avoid disturbance to others. Also, be aware that queue jumping is unacceptable in many countries. More importantly, if we travel abroad, we should bear in mind that we are representing our country, so we need to be cautious about how we act. Only in this way can we enjoy our trips and have beautiful memories as well.Yours trulyLi Hua3 · 共享单车 · 假定你是红星中学高三学生李华。

你的美国朋侪Jim在给你的邮件中提到他对中国新近泛起的一种共享单车“mobike”很感兴趣,并请你做个简要先容。请你给Jim回信,内容包罗:1. 这种单车的使用方法(如:APP检察车辆、扫码开锁等);2. 这种单车的优势;3. 你对这种单车的看法。注意: 1. 词数不少于80;2. 开头和末端已给出,不计入总词数。提示词:智能手机 smartphone二维码 the QR codeDear Jim,I’m writing to tell you more about the new form of sharing bike mobike mentioned in your latest letter.It’s very convenient to use if you。